Welcome to MileyMe!
My name is Mimi Möllerstedt and I run this online store. The idea to start MileyMe was born at the same time as my daughter came into the world as my curiosity and interest grew into a passion.
As a parent, you want to give the very best to your child. It can be difficult, especially in the first years of life. It's a whole world of baby products that open up and without getting into it it can be difficult to find good products.
Many products for children contain toxins that are harmful to us humans and bad for the environment. I want to make it easy for you to buy good products. At MileyMe you will find a carefully selected range of products made with care by passionate designers, often in small quantities and sometimes by hand. Always with the highest quality and the softest materials.
By offering clothes that can be used and loved for several years, MileyMe contributes to a movement about slow fashion.
What is slow fashion and why is it important?
Slow fashion is a concept that advocates slow production with respect for people, the environment and animals. This can mean that instead of buying many cheap products that last a shorter time, you can buy fewer garments with higher quality that last for several generations.
Environmentally friendly manufacturing of products saves natural resources, which benefits our environment. It is important to treat our earth with respect to maintain our ecosystem and not least to preserve the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.
No matter what you buy - from clothes to toys or decoration - when you choose organic products, you reduce environmental pollution and help the world get a little better.